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Basement Construction Company

Our company possesses a wealth of experience in building and converting basements into beautifully designed floors and rooms so you can rest easily.

Basement Building Services

We provide basement conversion services that are the ultimate solution for transforming the vacant and useless spaces of your home into a useful living space. Rather than considering the high-cost option of moving the house, you can create a basement under your home and expand the floor area of your London based property. Simply contact us once you have the plans in hand and we will be able to provide the high quality build to bring the ideas to life.

An Excellent Option for Your Basement

N-Vico has been providing high-quality basement excavation and conversion services for over a decade. Whether you want to beautify your existing space or create a new basement floor, we are the ultimate answer to all your problems. We have the skills to convert the forgotten part of your house into a space that gives a luxurious effect to your property. Work with consultants and then depend on us for the follow through

How It Is Done?

Step 1: Consultation

Bring in the designs that you have obtained from an architect. We will talk to you about the various materials that can be used and what the overall build time is going to look like.

Step 2: Judging the Feasibility

The pros and cons are kept in mind and your project is assessed on the parameters of gain and loss.

Step 3: Comprehensive Planning

After you have decided to continue with the project, we then start with the planning. This includes establishing which materials will be used. We will work with architects and consultants that you have chosen to work with to bring your project to life.

Step 4: The Design Implementation

Basement Construction Company

The fourth stage includes completion of the process by its physical implementation. After receiving building supplies, our specialised workmen start the building process while notifying you with the developments.

Step 5: The Post Service Maintenance Check

The fifth and final step is the maintenance phase, after the service has been done.