Frequently Asked Questions

If my property is on leasehold, do I need the freeholder’s permission?

You will most definitely require the freeholders’ permission to execute an extension or conversion service of any level. Before starting with our services, it is best to notify your freeholder and obtain written permission.

Can I view your completed projects?

All the images of our completed projects are available in our ‘case studies’ section. You can also view the completed project catalogues by visiting our office.

What packages do you offer?
We offer comprehensive packages to our commercial and individual clients on all the extension and conversion services. To know more, kindly visit our office or speak to one of our representatives who would be more than happy to assist you.

Is it necessary to get building authority’s permission prior to availing your services?
We take close considerations when it comes to getting the building authority’s permission regarding any extension or conversion. Complete plans need to be approved prior to any work commencing. According to the new regulation implemented on 1 October 2008, a loft conversion is considered a permitted development, which is subject to particular limits and conditions.

How long will it take to plan the design for my loft conversion?
The time span of loft conversion depends on the size and complexity of your project. However, the process usually takes up to 3-4 weeks in general to execute and it might take up to 6 weeks for any project modifications. We will begin work once you have designs in hand and have worked with us and agreed upon materials to be used and any additional construction details.

How much time will it take to get the planning permission for my loft conversion?
The permission period of building control authority depends upon the complexity of project. Most loft conversions dont need planning permission, but if your roof space is restricted then you will probably need to install a dormer, in which case planning permission will be needed.

How quickly can work commence?
Each service has a different time span which depends upon the size and intricacy of the client’s project. However, the client is notified about the time span prior to starting the execution phase.

Will there be much mess and disturbance?
At N-Vico, we ensure that the building tasks are performed with great care, thus avoiding any potential mess and disturbance. Our professionals will clean any mess created by the construction and take care of the highest standards of hygiene and quality.

Who will monitor the work?
The work is carefully monitored by our expert construction supervisors and the clients are notified on a daily basis about the work progress.

What is the time span of conversion services?
The conversion services takes between 2 weeks and about a month to get executed. However, the clients are notified about the execution time before initiating the service.

How do you ensure the quality of work?
The quality of work is maintained by following the government issued regulations and standards. Moreover, we also keep notifying our customers regarding the progress of work so that they can input their feedback and ensure satisfaction.