Many people who are planning house extension quickly start-off with the project and do not consider key parameters that are significant to know prior to the construction phase. During the construction phase, if clients experience setbacks due to various reasons, they have no option rather than calling off the whole thing or starting again from scratch. So if you are planning on a house extension, then you might want to consider these 5 things before getting started.

Being Quality Specific

There are few reasons why many clients require an extension.

Maximising space for pleasure in the long run or to transform your property into a dream home

If this is your case, you might want to consider hiring a high-quality building service provider while availing an extended package with inspection, service and maintenance jobs.

Your property needs a value boost

On the other hand, if you are willing to increase the value of your property whilst living a mediocre locality, you are good to go for the house extension service that has a perfect balance of quality and modern look. However, keep in mind that any extension should be able to boost your property value upon sale.

There is a small portion of your house that is useless

Too often your loft doesn’t get utilised the way it should be and this might get on your nerves. So what do you do about it? Quite simple! Transform this useless piece of space into a functional and trendy living space that could also serve as the focal point of your home.

Cost Really Matters

Cost is another significant element while planning a house extension and effective costing is the ultimate solution to all your house extension needs. Make an expense list beforehand according to the type of extension you require.

Long term living plan:

While planning an extension for your family home, try a premium cost plan that would include after-service maintenance and accidental insurance policy.

Short term living plan

For a short-term living plan, invest in a moderately effective cost plan that covers all the standard costs even if it doesn’t provide an insurance cover.

Time Period

Usually, home extension project might require a minimum of 6 months to get to the turnkey stage. However, careful monitoring of time is what matters the most and significantly impacts the quality of the service. Seeking approval from the building control authority if required, might delay the process but it is better to get it done prior to contacting the builders.

The time for planning and designing a home extension takes a minimum of 2.5 months, the execution and monitoring phase might take up to 4 months depending on the size and complexity of the project.

Design Style

Planning on a home extension but don’t know where to get the designs from? If you are unsure about the workability of certain ideas you have in mind, browse the internet. The primary source of assembling effective and workable ideas is Pinterest and Google images. Pinterest has an assortment of images that can be pinned to a board and shared with your architect.

However, if you have an idea but are unsure about its suitability, then contact N-Vico Ltd. We have a catalogue of designs to choose from and we can also guide you through the entire process.

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