Top 10 Loft conversion Trends

Loft conversions have become more of a trend, nowadays. The new trend is nothing similar to the traditional ways of converting loft space into a snuggly children’s bedroom or an unkempt storage space to store all your occasionally used household items. The new era of loft conversion is all about transforming your loft space into an intricately designed space that can be utilised for a better purpose.

If you want to become a part of the trend but don’t know where to find the ideas from here is a guide to the top 10 trendiest ideas for loft conversion:

  • The Upstairs Tearoom

Britons are known for their scrumptious teacakes and desserts that are served during teatime. Therefore, you might want to consider transforming your loft space into a chic and trendy tearoom. With a vintage furniture theme and a hint of contemporary ambience your loft converted tearoom will be the best place for your family and friends to have a great cuppa.

  • A Bathroom

Who said you cannot enjoy the perks of getting an outdoor bath in your home? Install large glass windows and high-tech faucets in your loft space to enjoy a comfortable outdoor bath experience.

  • Elegant Music Library

Music is the absolute food for soul and if you are a melody collector, a music library is sure to be a focal feature of your home but wait! What if you don’t have enough space, then what? It’s quite simple, convert your loft space into a luxurious music library and elevate your passion for music.

  • Reading Room

Just like music, reading books also serves as a feast for bibliophiles. Thus there is no greater joy for a book addict to have a reading room/library built in the additional loft space.

  • Sewing Workshop

If you are inspired by ‘’The Great British Sewing Bee’’ and have adopted it as your pastime, then there is no ideal space than a loft to recreate your sewing area. With fabrics shelves, cabinets full of sewing supplies and your dream sewing machine, you will be able to create your tailored masterpiece without any disturbances.

  • Recording Studio

For all those who are aspiring to become a rock star, convert your loft space into a recording studio and live your epic dream. Facilitate your recording studio with soundproof walls and multiple music recording equipment and wiring discreetly fitted behind the studio walls.

  • Kid’s Playroom

Kids regardless of any age, tend to splatter the toys all over the place giving the perfectly tidy house a disorderly look. It is best to provide them a whole room where they can spread their toys without cluttering the entire house. Therefore, convert your loft space into a kids’ playroom and allow your children to enjoy limitless fun.

  • Home Theatre Studio

Who doesn’t like a cosy home theatre with snack fridge, couch and recliners installed for a perfect cinematic experience at home? Everybody does! So transform your loft space into a huge home theatre and you will be the most go-to person on the street if any major event such as the Premier League is telecasted.

  • Guest Bedroom

Holiday season is almost here and you might have guests coming from all over the place to visit you. This might cause a problem as to where will the guests stay. Don’t worry, because now you can convert your loft space in an intricately designed bedroom for your guests while they stay for the holiday season.

  • A Maid’s Room

Using loft to provide a simple yet essentially designed living space for your babysitter or a housemaid is a great idea. Give them a homely feeling by transforming your loft into a cosy yet stylish room where your babysitter or housemaid can stay comfortably.

The above ideas are sure to give you creative impressions about recreating your loft into a beautiful home space that can be used for multiple purposes. For more creative and cost-effective loft conversion solutions, contact us at

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