Underground Realities — Pros and Cons of Getting a Basement Conversion

Basement conversions have been a popular trend lately. The evolving trend has people heads over heel to transform their excess space into sophisticatedly styled rooms. Upsizing your house by converting basement in a functional home space requires careful planning. However, such projects have certain pros and cons associated with its viability and execution. Here is a complete guide that consists of pros and cons regarding basement conversions, allowing you to plan and execute your project with utmost confidence:

Building Down Instead of Building Up

According to the experts, building a floor all the way up your house requires a list of expenses while it may not generate as much value at the point of sale. While, building down is a more cost effective alternative that boosts the sale value your property. Moreover, basement conversion plans can add a whole new floor to the house which can be utilised as a home office, library or a living room.

Water Sustainability

Does your basement hold water in case of any emergency? The excess water drainage points should be placed discreetly in the corner of the basement while transforming it into a new part of home. It is necessary that you take safety measures before performing any basement conversions so to avoid potential leaks that can ruin your transformation.

Plans Approved by Control Authority

Before the execution of any project, it is very important to receive the permission of the building control authority. At the time of selling, the estate authority will estimate the value of the property and thus the necessary changes made in the property must be notified to the authority.

Neighbouring Property

If you are planning to build a terrace or use your neighbour’s wall as a building support then you need to have your neighbour’s approval as well. Moreover, prior to the construction phase, a notice must be sent to the neighbours for seeking their permission and informing them about your project.

We at N-Vico can provide you with professional guidance regarding the planning and designing phase so that everything happens smoothly. However, it can be difficult at times to get the neighbours’ approval in such cases, therefore, it is better to consider alternative construction designs.

If you want to give a value boost to your property, then contact us now at www.n-vico.co.uk and get started with your basement conversion project today.



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